Danielle Fein Film Reel (Full)

Danielle Fein Film Reel (1 Minute)

Danielle Fein Stage Reel

Danielle Fein: Contemporary Monologue: 'Emily' By Stephen Metcalfe


Danielle Fein: Classical Monologues: As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing


Danielle Fein: Aida: I Know The Truth (Full Song)


 Danielle Fein: Into The Woods: Moments In The Woods (Full Song)


Danielle Fein: Ragtime: Goodbye, My Love


Danielle Fein: The Heart Of The Matter 


Danielle Fein: The Will Rogers Follies: My Unknown Someone (Full Song)


Commercial: Sunsweet Prunes Global Commercial


Role: Mom (in kitchen)

2 Commercials: Interactive Brokers: Stop Paying Sticker Price for Stocks


Role: Wife


Commercial: Live Nation- VIP Suite


Role: Woman enjoying a concert in a VIP Suite with friends.


Commercial: NRG 'Touchdown Celebrations' Featuring Carson Wentz


Role: Assistant Coach


Industrial: SAI Global, Conflict Of Interest


Role: Claire is an employee at a company where her cousin is applying for  job.


Commercial: Reading HealthPlex: Award-Winning Care


Role: Woman in the opening scene with blue sweater and blue jeans, with purse and phone.


Commercial: Brubaker HVAC


Role: Young wife working out and enjoying a movie at home with her husband.


Commercial: Marlo Furniture, The New You 


Role: Young wife having a date night with her husband at home. I am also the actor who lit the candle in the opening scene.


Video for National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME):

Check it out: Click Centennial Video!

Role:  Woman in the purple sweater. I am at 0:07-0:11 seconds.


Film:  Old School  Role: Secret Agent Laurence who is 'acting' as a waitress.


Hall Pass, Dating Show Sizzle:

Role: A couple goes on a reality show and gets a 'hall pass' from their relationship. They talk about it in a confessional setting.



Moukarzel Jewelry 2014 Commercial: J'ai Envie New York NYC

I push my best friend on stage and we go shopping.

To jump to where I come in, start at :22 seconds.



Jefferson University Hospital - Brent's Story

Role: Philly's Fan Behind Brent (Red Hoodie, Jeans, Black Baseball Cap)



Philadelphia Shoot with Robert Irvine and Comcast Business.

Role: Restaurant Patron


''Holly & Ivy' At The Broadway Theatre of Pitman:

I'll Be Home For Christmas': Full Song



'Sleigh Ride': Full Song


Children's Theatre: Surflight Theatre Role: Evil Queen


Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Sultry Sirens of Sin- Role: Milkmaid Maggie Clopton

Stage Combat: Human Chess Match

Role: Milkmaid Maggie Clopton


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